Open ESG

The future of ESG belongs to everyone

An upcoming ESG ecosystem that brings together ReFi (Regenerative Finance), DeSCi (Decentralized Science) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) enabling all stakeholders to get tangible and short-term benefits by reaching together common ESG objectives for individuals and companies.

The new end-to-end “Learn-To-Earn” and “Act to Earn” model!

Who are the stakeholders of our ecosystem?


Almost 300 million companies will have to comply with ESG regulations between now and 2050. Today sustainability it’s expensive, time consuming and provides results only in the medium to long term.

Individuals and Employees

Millennials and GenZ are slowly taking control over companies and want not only to work for businesses with values but also to lead a sustainable lifestyle themselves living in sustainable cities.

Institutional and retail investors

ESG investing expected to grow to almost 1 billion by 2030 in the EU zone alone

Other stakeholders

Consulting firms, Auditors, Certification bodies, Credit Rating Agencies, Banks, government bodies and many more ESG validators

What are the advantages for them?

Today sustainability is mainly accessible to corporates as it’s expensive, time consuming and provides results only in the medium to long term. With our offer, any company of any size will get rewarded for collecting, disclosing their ESG  data and share them across our ecosystem. 

Nowadays people are asked to lead a more sustainable life but there is no framework in place and little engagement. With our solution, people can be part of the ESG revolution…

Today only corporates can access the benefits of being listed in a stock exchange and gain visibility and funding. Investors are then now tied tied to a very narrow selection. With our solution anybody can invest in any company.

Validating ESG data is no easy job and all other actors in the process will be rewarded for verifying, enabling and helping to improve companies.

Partners already on board